Conference Centre

The conference centre is designed to meet the needs of the most demanding conference organizers. It will be a world standard, state of the art conference facility with all the up to date technology, enabling this facility to compete with conference facilities worldwide. 

Design features of the Conference

The conference block is rectangular in shape, has one level and is located away from the distractions on the main hotel functions but in close proximity to the kitchen. It has its own dedicated ample safe and secure parking.

The conference room will be suitable for up to 300 people seated and is divisible into 3 equal meeting rooms by sound proof folding doors if need arises. On top of that, there are two breakout areas and two small meeting with a capacity of 20 People each, one gazebo, perfect lawns where tents can be set up for a different atmosphere and a small kitchen at the conference center to ease time management during meetings.

The two break-out rooms are for workshops, coffee, tea and cocktails and two smaller meeting rooms for smaller groups which is conducive for strategic planning or smaller gatherings of 15 - 20 people.

The conference rooms will be fitted with state of the art conferencing amenities including audio-visual materials and sound proofing material.